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Picture wallpaper


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See the aspect ratio (= size) selection guide at the bottom of the page

First select the aspect ratio, and the system will only display those images that have the appropriate aspect ratio for your space

You can also order a custom product, retrieve your desired image ID, report it and the size of the wall to us
Using the contact form , we will make you an offer and a printout.

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First select the picture size on the right
Then use the search function on the left. When you find the image you like, it will move to the product image here. You can then click on the product image to enlarge.

With wallpaper, you create a whole new look for your space.
The most popular topics are soothing forest landscapes and fresh lake landscapes.

Create stunning interiors with wallpaper

Printable wallpaper with a linen-like surface and a nonowen background.
Use as usual wallpaper with glue or wall glue. Can be wiped with a damp cloth.
Euro Class B fire protection. Applications include unique interior design solutions in living spaces and exhibition spaces.
The product does not need to be laminated or post-treated.
The surface of fine linen, thickness 430mic, requires wallpaper glue or paste. Recommended for indoor use only.
Wallpaper pan width 1000 mm

Easy wallpapering instructions here:

Accurately measure wall size:

Make a division calculation for wall width / wall height, in this example image 4000/3000 = 1.33

Then select a number as close as possible to the calculation result you get. In this case, the system only allows you to select images whose aspect ratio is correct for the size of your wall.

Note. If the measurement result you receive differs much (more than +/- 0.1) from the available aspect ratios, some subjects may be cut off from the edge areas of the image.

If you want to see in advance how the image is bordered on your wall, you can ask us for a preview with our contact form .



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